About Hidden Foods

Hi! I'm Kendra, the granddaughter of a Sicilian on one side and an American Southern Belle on the other.  I learned the secret to the family sauce and how to make really tasty homestyle comfort food!​

Being a mom of two crazy, active boys, I also experienced their moments of picky eating. 

"There comes a time in every mom’s life where she has to decide: Do I give into the cheese pizza and chicken fingers, or do I push forward with the broccoli and cauliflower even if they're not eating it?" 

Luckily I found a way around that choice by adding great ingredients to some of the kids' favorite food.  Overtime, friends were asking for some of these delicious dishes and The Hidden Food Company was born.  The recipes were examined by pediatricians and pediatric dietitians and found to be exactly what kids needs right now!  

We all know "hiding food" isn't the best way to help kids overcome their picky eating.  It's important to introduce the rainbow of fruits and vegetables individually so they can taste their flavors and try their textures.  Over time, kids will grow to appreciate them and their health benefits.

In the meantime, Hidden Foods is here to make sure families get that nutrition so they grow and maintain the active lifestyle they need.


Don't be fooled--our pastas and sauces aren't just for kids!  From fitness experts to culinary chefs, our sauces have been tried, tested, and loved! We're excited to hear what you think about them as well! 

Be blessed and MANGIA!